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  • Room: CP-03-113
  • Phone: +49 231 755 8526
  • Office hours for students:
    Almost always, please contact me for an appointment

Dr. Johannes Albrecht

Emmy-Noether group leader at the chair of Experimentelle Physik 5, TU Dortmund.

News 2018: My group is seeking for a new postdoctoral research associate. Please follow the link for more information.

News 2016: ERC Starting Grant for the search for new particles in rare decays.

Focus of research is the LHCb experiment at CERN:

  • Flavour physics with a focus on tests of fundamental symmetries in rare beauty decays
  • High level trigger: Development of fast tracking and trigger algorithms
  • Development of tracking detectors

A popular introduction into the CERN and the LHC, with videos from Dortmund, can be found here (in German).