Dr. S. Reichert

I joined the group in February 2016 after graduating from the University of Manchester. Having worked on mixing and CP violation searches in semileptonically-tagged \(D^0 \rightarrow K_S \pi^+ \pi^-\) decays, my focus shifted to studies of lepton flavour universality and lepton flavour violation. In particular, I am working on the search for \(B^+ \rightarrow K^+ e^- \mu^+\) decays and the measurement of \(B^+ \rightarrow K^+ \pi^+ \pi^- e^+ e^-\), which we plan to extend to a measurement of \(R_{K\pi\pi}\). Since May 2017, I am coordinating the stripping project, which is a pre-filtering stage in the data processing at LHCb. Apart from my research activities, I organize and give tutorials and stand in as lecturer from time to time.

I was awarded the Rudolf Chaudoire Prize for young scientists in 2017 and am a member of the Global Young Faculty V working on a project called “Spaces of Dignity”.